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Archived Band Photos...

          Edwin and Tab Benoit (Little Bear)

                  Blow that Harp, Troy!

         Cliff Rogers on the upright bass

             Edwin at Skydive Chicago

                     Double Dealin' with
                        Smokin' Tweed

   Paul and Barclay Logan at Bonfils Amphitheatre
              Paul at the Estival Festival - 2000

              ... at the Little Bear - bras in mirror

 SOL~FED~JOE groovin' at the West Winds - 2001

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Top - Cindy Kolinski
Troy - Joan Fox
Skydive - Cindy Kolinski
Double Dealin' - Cindy Kolinski
Estival - Joan Fox
Little Bear - Al "Smitty" Smith
other photo credits:  well, we'll try and get 'em up